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Thread: Molten Metal Batteries

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    I love this TED talk from Donald Sadoway . Not just the process and the product but the attitude.

    "If you want to make it dirt cheap, make it out of dirt."

    The missing link to renewable energy | Planet3.0

    I notice he talks a lot about the choice of metals, and says nothing at all about the salt in the middle. Presumably that's the patentable mystery bit.

    (I half suspect he got the 40 ft container notion from the bloke with the modular solar farm / microprocessor idea.)

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    From all currently existing battery types only Sodium-Sulfur is a serious cheaper
    alternative to Li-ion.Unfortunately, they will require some serious nanoengineering to
    be suitable for everyday use.There is some companies how claim they work in this

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    I would see what a google search about Molten Salt Reactors gets you
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