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Thread: Ever Bought From Information Unlimited?

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    Hello, fellow science lovers. New member here! I'm considering buying some supplies from Information Unlimited, a mail order site. ( The things I'm looking at it are a whooooole lot of money, though -- enough to make me nervous about sending the cash before I know more about them. Has anybody ever bought anything from Information Unlimited? How did it go? Did it work okay? Do they have decent customer service if you run into problems with your purchase? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated (and would greatly reduce my pre-buy jitters)! Thanks a ton.

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    I ran across this post and joined up to warn you. Avoid dealing with information unlimited I just bought a piece of junk, makes a sharp piecing noise but deters nothing! from them that was shipped to me with a broken on off switch. I found this out after inadvertently depressing the button when picking the unit up after inserting the batteries, no trigger guard. After repeated long distance calls I finally get to speak to "Rick" who told me "you could just not push the button" After I pointed out this is dangerous and it was shipped to me broken he finally, in a condescending voice, said "well just ship it back and we will put in a new switch for you".

    So although I bought a "new" yet broken piece of equipment they expect me to have to ship it back at my cost so they can fix what should have been right in the first place.

    I'm now thinking I got sent a rental as new.

    Don't throw away your money on information unlimited garbage. Spread the word so no one else will get scammed like me.


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