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Thread: Tesla sword

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    So I have a concept for building a tesla coil with a sword blade as the load. The major problem I'm having is that I seem to be so inept I cannot even make a transformer, which as I'm sure you will all be more than happy to remind me is rather important in the construction of a tesla coil.
    Two questions:
    What are the major problems people usually face in the making of tesla coils/ how do those problems usually get fixed?
    Could this even work? I'm perfectly ok skipping the "it's really dangerous part", if it kills me or puts me in the hospital at least the story will be interesting, i'm primarily interested in knowing the potential problems I'll face wiring a coil to a sword, namely if it requires a specific metal for the load.
    Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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    A Tesla coil is not an ordinary transformer. It is a loosely coupled pair of coils, operating at a frequency corresponding to the secondary acting as a quarter-wave line. The top of the secondary is essentially open-circuited, which is transformed to a low impedance at the bottom by the quarter-wavelength condition. The primary couples to that low-impedance region. Big currents at relatively low voltages there turn into big voltages at lower currents at the top. So, it's not the turns ratio per se that produces the high voltages of a Tesla coil.

    Where are the hard parts? Breakdown is a common one. Unless you have experience with high-voltage practice, you'll likely blow up a fair number of prototypes as you climb up the learning curve. There is a large online community of Tesla coil builders, so I recommend searching them out and studying their stories of success and failure.

    And the type of metal on top doesn't matter much, so a sword will be fine. You'll draw arcs from the pointy parts, mainly, which I guess is your goal.

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    : D Yay, for once I have to pull out a dictionary to understand what someone else is saying. Also thank you for your assistance, this has pointed me in a direction, provided me with knowledge, and given me hope for my little project. I don't think I can overstate my gratitude and excitement.
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