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Thread: Dielectric absorption questions

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    There is known issue in dielectric capacitors such as dielectric absorption.
    Usually it is considered a parasitic one.
    I have some questions on it.
    1)Is dielectric absorption is always associated with space-charge polarization?
    2)Does dielectric absorption indeed increses capacitance?Or it increases energy
    density of capacitor?If we take two materials with same dielectric constant and dielectric
    strengts but different dielectric absorption,does it means that higher dielectric absorption
    means highes energy density?Does it work like supercapacitor of some kind?
    3)There is materials such as Barium Titanate which under certain condition aquire giant
    dielectric absorption up to 1000 micro Coloumbs/cm2.
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    Does it mean high energy density?
    Does it mean larger charge could be stored under the same voltage?

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    Dielectric absorption is usually explained by invoking the existence of charge-trapping sites with a distribution of trapping time constants. Most of these traps reside at or near the surface of the dielectric (but don't have to). They do not increase the energy stored by a capacitor; rather, they constrain how quickly you can get the stored energy back out (you have to wait for the traps to empty, and that can be a very long time indeed for some fraction of the traps).

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