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Thread: Are “CRTP” and “TOPSTN” legal in USA?

  1. #1 Are “CRTP” and “TOPSTN” legal in USA? 
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    I'm currently daydreaming about a hypothetical telecommunication device that looks like a desktop PC but is text-only. Lets call this device “CRTP” [Chat Room Text Phone]. The CRTP is eco-friendly and does not need any 110/220 VAC sockets. Instead it receives its power from the line it is connected to. This line electrically and physically resembles that of a telephone line but is not connected to the currently-existing POTS/PSTN. Instead it is connected to a hypothetical network. Let’s call this theoretical network “TOPSTN” -- Text-Only Public-Switched Telephone Network.

    The TOPSTN [using CRTP] is similar to the PSTN but is text-only and is separate from the currently existing PSTN/POTS.

    The display device of CRTP consists of inorganic LEDs that are as small as possible given the state of today's technology with any many LEDs per area as possible. This monitor is monochrome and the LEDs emit 555 nm light only. This wavelength of light is the wavelength that is most easily detected by the human eye. Other wavelengths of visible light require highest intensities for the same visibility. 555 nm light has the highest optical efficacy of all visible wavelengths. This monochrome display is 1-bit for each LED [either the LED is on or off]. When on, the LED emits the minimum intensity of light required for the human eye to detect in a dark room. The display is just big enough to display the largest meaningful two sentences of any human language. The font is fixed and is just big enough NOT to strain the readers' eyes. This screen is divided into two parts. Part A display what you type as you type it while Part B displays text that has been posted into the chat room – by you or someone else. Press "enter" or left-click the "post" button to post your message into the chat room.

    TOPSTN consists of live chat rooms that are pure-text only. Nothing other than text. No file-transfer either. There is no IM/PM capability. When you post text into a room, everyone sees it.

    Unlike the PSTN/POTS system, TOPSTN does not have any centralized system. Each user has his/her own device for chatting.

    TOPSTN is a completely anonymous network in which there are no such things as telephone numbers, caller-IDs, IP addresses, MAC addresses, ANIs, DNISs, or any other codes to identify users.

    Neither the CRTP nor the TOPSTN store any files. They don’t log any information either.

    In the chat rooms used by CRTP and TOPSTN, there are no such things as administrators, ISPs, operators, passwords, or moderators. To prevent impersonation of real people, users are not allowed to make usernames. To further increase anonymity, no user will be assigned a username. This truly makes it impossible to identify any user. No registration is required to chat.

    CRTP and TOPSTN are nightmares to the sadists who want to interfere with free speech. Sadly, CRTP & TOPSTN and only hypothetical.

    Let’s say CRTP and TOPSTN were to exist. Would they be legal in USA? If not, why?

    There is nothing illegal that could possibly be done with CRTP/TOPSTN. Right?



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