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    Hi before I begin with my concept ,I wish for my readers(if any) enlighten me with my ideas whether it works or not.

    My theory of bioelectrcity works mainly with beings that produce bioelectricity to have an amplifier or something of sorts to channel and increase the production of bioelectricity in which increases the use of neurons,increased reflexes and potentially create a new age of science.

    My theory however lacks experiments because the best experiment would be electric ray for it's reputation as one of the most bio-electric species in the world.

    One thing I can't seem to figure out is that if marine life can survive electric currents generated in such small distance and use it as a weapon, can't we as humans do the same.

    Also I wish to know what is the average humans bio-electricity generation(watt)

    if anybody has any enlightening knowledge or information please contact me at

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    There are many fish which have a bioelectric organ that senses fields around them and is another avenue for perception. I think it's located just beneath what would be their neck. You could technically describe the brain itself as a bioelectric organ, but I think that's more of a semantic game (a "play on words") than a meaningful or practical area of study given your question.

    I used to know how many watts a human produced, but that was a long while ago. You can also look into the difference between the head and feet, as that potential creates a field as well.

    Hopefully, someone else will be more up to date on the topic than I am and responds here to help you. Good luck, and have fun.

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