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Thread: Photovolaic paint?

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    I've seen somewhere that there was a photovotaic paint that could be applied to conductive metal to form a solar panel, like ink on a page.

    1- Im wondering what would happen if you coated electric wires that can be seen on poles or on high voltage wires with photovolaic paint? Would it increase the amount of electricity these wires would carry without increasing the output at the source powerplant?

    2- Ive seen more than one traffic sign panel whose light is apparently powered by a relativeley small solar panel, so my question is, if road light poles had solar panels or were made of a photovoltaic pole, could these provide electricity for the grid during the daytime and use grid electricity at night(as is already the case)?

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    The photovoltaic paint has to go on steel during the manufacturing process. The voltage produced would not be suitable for high voltage transmission lines. It would have to go through an inverter and transformers.

    The solar panels for signs dont generate very much power. Again, to use it on the transmission grid, you would need an inverter and transformer.

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