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    In microprocessors for a word to transfer between different registers(or between a register and a bus) an edge triggered pulse is required. Now in mp this can be done using control signal or a clock.In 8085 mp for what peripherals is that trigger provided by clock and what peripherals is that trigger provided by control signal. For example in a text which i follow it is stated that the data is latched from memory on to the data bus during memory read machine cycle's control signal(MEMR) transition. In another instant it is stated that clock provides that trigger during the T-states. Which is correct?

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    dude! what you are saying is one and the same.. the control signal is nothing but the "enable" for the clock pulse to trigger the data transfer..

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    an edge trigger is where the wire goes FROM 0 TO 1, or 1 to 0, +ve / -ve edges! the negative edge is when/where the bit goes from 1 to 0
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