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Thread: short excitation - EM-Fields - restrictions

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    Hello everyone,

    we are working on a EM-simulation for the university.
    We are simulating a current-impulse - it's excitation time is very short, only 50 micro seconds.
    There are several restrictions, written by ICNIRP, that are giving max-values for the E or M-Fields, that are harmless for human. If a E/M-Field exceed this max-value, than the field might be dangerous for a human being.
    But all of these restrictions are written for signal excitations that are lasting longer than a minute - Our signal lasts only 50 micro-seconds.

    Have you ever seen or heard of any kind of restrictions or proposals for max-values of E/M-Fields for short excitations like ours?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    best regards - Misha

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    You see it all has to do with the Energy Transfer.

    When you say that Your experiments are concerned with only microseconds of current or voltage or (what ever's) impulse, then in that short period of time only a little amount of energy will be transfered(Unless you're experimenting with Solar flares.. LOL...)

    So no problem.. go on have fun.. but think about how lightning "works".. its also a kind of impulse of charges but with very high potentials.. so depends on magnitude very much.

    And what ICNIRP gives rules for is for mobile phones i guess.. because you may be exposed to radiations for hours together..

    Do reply.

    $$cool rags$$
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