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Thread: Method of signal reception?

  1. #1 Method of signal reception? 
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    Im not sure how far this question is relevant, because my level of knowledge is low. Let me note the question down.
    For a FM receiver weve antenna with just two wires, how so much signal is communicated to the receiver with this wire? Ive one more similar question that for dish antenna we have the same wire connection to transmit signal right? Im not much aware of the function LNB, I know it is a converter.
    Hope I may get some clarification!

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  3. #2 Dude... i think you need some basics.. 
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    first of all, you dont need "two" wires to come out of the circuit and go for a receiver or a transmitter...

    Just in case, let see how it works...
    The transmitter(antenna) works by radiating power(voltage and current) in Radio frequency. so if you see any circuit, the one end of wire from the "Inductor" goes to "Ground" and the other to antenna.. meaning, the oscillations of electromagnetic energy of voltage that is radiated is taken with respect to Ground potential or Zero potential.

    So you have transmitted your signal.

    Now in the receiving part same thing happens.. in a reverse direction.(I'm just talking about the principle of working here.. not the actual electronic circuitry.)

    Now coming to the dish antenna, you're saying that its acting as a transceiver using a single wire from circuit right?? (please brief me on this)
    If so may be its a multicast system.

    waiting for your reply

    $$cool rags$$
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