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    (This does not exactly belong in this forum, but I am hoping someone, maybe a professor, responds to this.)

    I am currently in the process of applying to graduate school. I am currently an undergraduate in Materials Science, and am look at Electrical Engineering for graduate school since I would like to specialize in solid state electronics. Currently I have an offer at the school I went to as an undergraduate. The deal seems perfect, since the work the group does is exactly what I would like to do, my tuition will be paid for, I will get a stipend, and I will be able to attend every conference related to the field, funded by the professor. We also have state of the art cleanroom facilities where we can do most work ourselves instead of outsourcing it.

    Now for my question. I am concerned about staying at the same school for one primary reason. Does this look bad later in life? Almost every professor I see went to a different school for their undergraduate and graduate degree. I assume this trend carries over into people with PhDs in industry. I plan on working in industry for a while when I am out of school, then maybe being a professor later in life.

    If I can feel better about staying at the same school, the decision would be easy.

    Thanks for any advice

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    Most who go on to a Ph.D. program switch universities. Partly because this is the norm, but partly, I think, because Ph.D. programs are less common among universities. At least in my field. I'm attending the same university for my master's as I did my undergraduate work. But, as I go on to do my Ph.D. work, I'll be making a switch.

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