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Thread: How do you generate an RF signal in 1-3 ghz range?

  1. #1 How do you generate an RF signal in 1-3 ghz range? 
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    I can find crystal oscillators online that will work up to about 100 mhz, but I'd like to create 3 ghz signal, and mess around with it. How would you go about doing that?

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    I would Google "microwave oscillator" to start.

    Not an easy circuit to prototype, stray capacitance will be a big factor. It can all be done however with a little patience.

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    You might be better off buying an oscillator off the shelf, or a klystron.

    I've worked in the past on 4.4GHZ transmitters, and replaced the power output transistor once. Insanity is correct. Be careful about those capacitance. You have to be very good at soldering such circuits. This isn't amateur hour. Proper circuity design means soldering on a microstrip style circuit board. Try this out for size:

    Wide-band & Low-Noise Microwave VCO

    I found this with Google using two keywords. Microstrip oscillator.
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