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    I would greatly appreciate if someone could provide advice or sources of information regarding design and construction of small turbines. I will be attempting to build one and would like it to be as efficient as possible. I have reviewed the basic formulas involved but cannot seem to find information regarding variables such as what gauge of wire to use, determining diameter of loops, viability of linking several small turbines in series, and other design criteria that must be addressed before materials can be purchased. Thank you in advance for any advice.

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    If you mean something like a small windmill, you can find plans on the internet for building a permanent magnet generator (PMG). For anything much bigger than that, you'd probably want to just use a car alternator or something.

    To hook multiple a-c generators together they would have to be synchronized and that's not an easy thing to do. More practical would be to generate d-c and charge a battery, then if you want a-c out of that, you would have an inverter.

    To hook multiple d-c generators to the battery is easy. Just connect them in parallel and have a diode in the output of each generator to prevent the current from flowing in the wrong direction.

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