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    I'm playing around with the idea of getting a degree in robotics. Does anyone have any idea on what classes to take if I choose to go down this road?


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    Lotsa maths - the formulas for say the position of a robot hand depending of the angles of the arm's joints can be quite advanced. I studied some applied mechanics and those were some of things I remember as being the hardest (even though I'm usually good at maths).

    You'll probably also need a good knowledge of electricity (things like power transformation and how different kinds of electrical motors work) and electronics. And control systems (feedback loops, also stuff that involves quite a lot of maths, especially differential equations). And of course programming - especially low-level things like assembly or C.

    Oh, and physics too - especially mechanics.

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    Depending on which direction you want to go precisely, AI and something about sensors could be interesting too. On top of everything DrNesbit said, especially the control part.

    And perhaps computer architecture, embedded hardware and software, microcontrollers and realtime control.
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    A degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a minor in Electrical Engineering, or lots of Mechatronics classes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alienmindsinc
    A degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a minor in Electrical Engineering, or lots of Mechatronics classes.
    Interesting. I never heard the term "Mechatronics" before, but it applies to much of my background.

    Verzen, I would suggest contacting employers like Genmark and PRI. I have worked with both their robots. It's an interesting field.

    See what they are looking for in the field.
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