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Thread: Funny question, but I need to know

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    Ok a simple one for all of you...

    I have an idea but when I get worked up I forget everything lol

    So I need to know:

    Lets say I have a target and a toy weapon. I want to attach a "seeking" device to the (non leathal) lol, toy weapon so that when it is aimed at the target it will sound off..
    As it gets closer to the center to go... beep beep Beep BEEP BEEP..... BEEPBEEPBEEP! as it gets closer to tell me if I have it right...

    Now since the target will be fired at, its kinda hard to attact delicate wires to it right? So what can I do?

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    Explain yourself better. Go over the entire concept from beginning to end without throwing in extra words (like "(non-lethal) lol") that muck up your descriptions.

    If you have a toy weapon, there is no reason you cannot attach anything to the target. If you are using a real weapon, there is no reason you can attach anything to the target.

    Either way, there is nothing that I know of that can achieve the results you're asking for without attaching some transponder directly to the center of the target. Although, if you are trying to automate this gun, your best bet is to learn about how to use a camera to recognize the target, calculate the center of mass, and tell the servos how to move.

    However, toy guns are fairly simple to aim at very close ranges unless they are broken. So why would you need to have a beeper to tell you where you've aimed?


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