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Thread: Playing CD in car even if you have only a cassette player

  1. #1 Playing CD in car even if you have only a cassette player 
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    Hi friends

    I came across this informative article.Hope you all enjoy this.

    It states some ways of playing a CD in the car even if you have only a cassette type player.I am providing a summary of the article here.

    1. Using portable CD player and using an FM modulator to play our CD's.
    2. A cassette adapter allows you to listen to a CD through the car's speakers.
    3. For portable players, choosing a suitable ppower supply may be and hence we can use DC-AC convertors in car.

    You can enjoy the complete article:

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    Since FM modulators cost nearly $20, I would caution you that most of them do not perform up to the user's expectations. If you drive more than a couple of miles, you might find yourself having to change the station.

    Some modulators are better than others, and some cities have radio stations that don't override modulators if you find the right station the first time. I have had to modify mine by creating a larger antenna to get it to work right.

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