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    Quote from article on NET:
    Lead-acid batteries are cheap and can store large amounts of energy. But if they are repeatedly and rapidly charged and discharged - the battery's negative plate becomes coated with deposits. That limits its working life to a few years..

    By marrying a lead-acid battery with a supercapacitor, the combination stores as much energy as a standard lead-acid battery, but can happily charge and discharge without deterioration.

    Can somebody pls. tell me how i can integrate a Lead Acid Battery with a Supercapacitor. I've found a coupe of suppliers of SCs on the NET.

    Thanks - Mave

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    I suppose you would simply connect the capacitor across the terminals of the battery. You would want the capacitor to have a voltage rating equal to or greater than the battery voltage. I don't know how big a capacitor you would need. Its function would be to smooth out the current demand on the battery by supplying surges of current.

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    That's what you will get if you connect as the previous contributer suggests.

    You MUST charge the capacitor first, the easy way would be to connect the two negative terminals together then connect the positive terminals via a 12 volt lamp, initially and while the capacitor charges for the first time the lamp will light, it will slowly go out (depending on the capacity of the capitor). when the light is full out out wait a few minutes then connect the positive terminals together and you will not get a spark.

    I suggest you should only play with such things if you are a wizard and understand all the safety implications of playing with high currents and sulph(f)uric acid.

    YOu also need to ensure the rated ripple current of the supercap is taken into account. If you disconnect the battery then place a lamp across the capacitor terminals to allow it to safely discharge. Better still get it all sorted by a professional auto engineer.
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