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    I posted this on Craigslist but it turned into a debate over the best renewable resource, so I thought I would try here.

    I also mistakingly posted in the physics forum...but I think those guys are a little over my head! Hopefully I will find an answer here...

    "I was Just wondering how many watts I need a generator to produce to be able to start feeding back on to the electrical grid. (Ignoring losses from the inverter or converter please) I really don't know much about this, but It seems like there is an electrical pressure (volts) that must be overcome to "push" electricity back on the grid. Wouldn't I start putting power back on the grid as soon as I created 120 volts at anythiing above 0 amps, or does it have to be 240 volts.
    I have also found that any of the converters that change "wild" thre phase AC from an induction generator to grid compatible 60hz power are very expensive compared to ones that convert 12 volts from a battery source to grid compatible power. Would it be cheaper to use a DC generator and add a small battery system with an inverter to feed it back to the grid or just spend the $7000 that I've seen the "wild" AC to AC converter go for?
    If I generate 12 volts DC,and since I still need 120 watts (assuming?) would I need 10 amps to feed back grid compatible AC.

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    You can only put power into the grid when you have power to spare. You need to look at your electricity comsumption over a day at all seasons of the year..

    I suspect unless you have a very large turbine you will rarely generate enough power to even power your own appliances.. fridge/freezer particularly as they are on 24 hours a day.

    I looked into what I would need here to supply all our electricy needs at a typical windspeed and it was 3 x 5 metre single blade turbines at 25 metres... A massive set up and it would cost a heck of a lot. NOT VIABLE basically.

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    What about creating loads of "nanobines" (as I would call them) really small almost microscopic turbines and covering your roof with hunderds of thousands of them ?
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    is this in any way related with the following post in the earth sciences subforum ?
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