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Thread: The Man Who Patented the 20th Century

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    The Man Who Patented the 20th Century

    The Nikola Tesla Inventor's Club is a non-profit organization of
    American and Serbian-American inventors who works on promoting the
    life, legacy and work of Nikola Tesla.
    Among Tesla's many inventions, he had plans for unlimited energy and
    was well ahead of his time.
    If Tesla were around today, the severity of our energy crisis would
    likely make people listen to his ideas.
    In the same way that our oceans are abundant in gold, the air contains
    enough energy to make electricity the type of common resource that
    air, water and sunlight are.
    Tesla's biggest obstacle in creating this vision was that no investor
    was willing to finance a project which wouldn't return profits.
    At our meetings, we discuss issues like the one briefly addressed
    above and we share our knowledge of Tesla, physics, energy,
    electricity and

    Our meetings are held once per month at the Free Library of
    Philadelphia's main branch.
    look at for more information about our meetings.
    In addition to our meetings, we also organize monthly social
    functions, watch movies about or involving Nikola Tesla and share our
    common interests.
    We are always looking to include more Tesla enthusiasts, inventors and
    those curious about the life of one of history's biggest mysteries.
    At you are able to suggest topics.
    We also are always looking for people with expertise in a certain
    field to give presentations.
    If you are a fan of Tesla, come out to a meeting. If you know someone
    who likes reading about Tesla's work, let them know about our group.
    Also, check out our website at


    Nick Lonchar

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    Tesla... Nonsense.

    Tesla made very few inventions. Many of things associated with Tesla were invented by others.

    And some of Tesla's ideas were plain silly...

    Totally overrated.

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    Tesla was a decent chap who worked hard and made a few discoveries BUT as he got older and began to 'fall by the wayside' he began to make outlandish claims to try and prop up his failling popularity, he is one of ther very few scientists who has a following of people who are so like him.
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    How dare any one on Earth talk such garbage about the greatest man in not question him, he was a god among men. If you think he didn't contribute his fare share of inventions I suggest you do some real research and find out what inventions he actually came up with and how many. Do you enjoy wireless technology, electric motors and alternating current? Tesla deserves 100% more acknowledgment and respect than the world has given him.
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    Tesla was a great scientist and inventor, but I think it goes a bit far to say the greatest in history. And for some reason he seems to attract the attention of a lot of kooks. Present company excepted, of course.
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    woot go tesla!

    and i think the reason he attracts so much attention from these "kooks" is because he was a kook. im not entirely sure, but i some where remember reading about tesla's mental state, and that it's wasn't the best. and naturaly the kooks want to say "i told you so" because tesla was iconic for his development of idea's that no one believed would work.

    think about it:
    improving electric motors

    all of them no one thought he could make/make better, and yet he did, but no one listened to him.

    while im still unsure about some of the dating of patents involving tesla, i'd lean on him more.
    Taken Down, With Hearts Alive
    Our Hearts Alive
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    Tesla was cool. He was out numbered. Benjamin Franklin already knew about his inventions a long time before.

    The problem was that the English have been peasants from the time of Rome, till we first attempted a revolution. A revolution that was not successful. Thanks to fools like Hamilton that instituted the "economy" in America. That mimicked the British "economy".

    In one wave of the pen, they undid the work of the Founding Farther's and just changed the names of the evil players at the top.

    They had done what Benedict Arnold had already foresaw as inevitable with so much corruption in the new congress.

    Only later in life did Benedict Arnold wish he had stuck with his good friend George Washington. Because anything would have been better then what took place.

    Without Benedict Arnold, I do not think George Washington could have pulled off another revolution.

    The people so used to being told what to do, and often doing the wrong thing secretly, as a form of disobedience or rebellion. Did not handle themselves well, or take their own orders well. There was no mass method of communication to explain the problem to all of America. So America sank back into the death grip of European living.

    Tesla had little luck trying to get citizens to think on their own. To do for themselves. Most citizens thought that they should only want what their leaders choose for them. Because basically they trusted them. They were the founding fathers choices as far as they were concerned. They thought they had won.


    William McCormick
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