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    Hello - I have a question on modifying a remote control for my TV. I bought a remote control (lightsaber remote control!) and on the box, it said it is compatible with Sony Tv which I have. I wasn't sure about the compatibility since it didnt specify the models or anything but if it wasn't compatible, I was ready to modify it myself. And it sure is incompatible.
    Now I googled on the basic blue print of a TV remote control as I am an extreme beginner of electronics. And what I understood is that I need to change the chip (DIP?) to the one that is used in universal remote control. I am simply thinking of getting a universal remote control, disect both mine and universal one, then swap the whole vine of chip, diode,transistor, resonator and other things that are on this vine.
    If I replace the whole vine to the point where it meets the batteries, would it work? I'm assuming it should, but before I disect my new remote, I just wanted to seek advice from people in this field...
    Is there anything I need to be careful of especially when I open it up?

    Thank you very much for your time.

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