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    My name is Josh, and I am a sophmore in a public school system. I know HTML and some basic computer information. I am somewhat adept at math. I am in the running for valedictorian, even though I just moved here a month ago. (The counselor who set up my schedule said as much.)
    But the point is that I don't have the pre req's to take any important computer classes. The school has a C++ class and a few other computer classes, but this year I am stuck taking HTML and Web Design. Is there any way to learn about computer programming outside of school and still get credit? I want to get all of the pre req's out of the way. If it helps, the two main schools I am considering going to are West Point Military Academy and Annapolis Naval Academy. My career of choice is a computer programmer. The main subject areas I wish to pursue are various programming languages, advanced math, and electronics Anything else that will enable me to program complex simulations for the military and later, after discharge, game programming. I want to know all about how a computer works, in order to make improvements where I can, and to help me better understand how to program with maximum effieciency. In short, I want to learn about everything there is to know about computers and programming, but I need to do this outside of public school or otherwise wait for a couple of years.

    I may not yet have learned all that I want to, but I can think up alot on my own...
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    Yes. Very easy.

    Take a book. Study it. Experiment the language (like c++). Talk in forums about it.
    And create a project about it to show your skill.

    In few words : work by yourself ! One of the best program you can have !

    Capnemo - a frenchie in new jersey
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    Yep I couldn't agree more. ^^.
    Once you get to University or College, you'll have to do that anyway.
    Science is organized knowledge; wisdom is organized life.
    -Immanuel Kant
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