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    Well it's almost the 2nd semester of my Junior year of High School and I have to start looking for potential colleges/universities that I want to apply to.

    I have alot of choices for my major: Biology, Biotechnoloy, Ecology/Evolutionary Biology, Genetics.
    and minor: Graphic Design, Photography, Web Design and Computer Tech.

    Basically I want to be one of those people that work in Labs wearing those nice lab coats and work with DNA/micropipets and mass spectrometers. And genetics has always facinated me. But I also want to be able to do design jobs on the side for a little extra money.
    I'm leaning towards Biology for my major and Photography/Web Design/Computer Technician as a minor.
    The problem is finding a good university that offers both these programs.

    So to all those Biologist-related, Computer Tech.-related people and Photographers, do you have any advice for me?

    This is somewhat off topic but would a Bachelors Degree in Photography count being a Professional Photographer?

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    OPSEC, baby. Sorry.
    be a forensic scientist. California needs them.

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