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Thread: Linguistics anyone?

  1. #1 Linguistics anyone? 
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    Linguists and Anthropologists:

    I am considering majoring in linguistics, and minoring in anthropology (whatever aspect of it that would deal with the past).

    Any thoughts? Is this a good one? What kind of job will I end up with? Are there any benefits for people in that major to, say, get their graduate education partially/fully funded?

    I'm in Minnesota, U.S. if that changes anything. Are there any linguists out there? Anyone who majored in linguistics? How about for Anthropology? Do you currently have a job that relates to your major? Do you like your job? What do you hate about your job? Would you rather I call it a carreer :wink: ?

    Those questions and more abound in my teeny brain... though, I think that's the lot of them for now 8)

    Thanks kindly for any replies,

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