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Thread: have you ever thought that....?

  1. #1 have you ever thought that....? 
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    ....that it would be worth to do science. it seems like kidding but it is not. first, when you take your BSc you are around 22 years old. then after MSc and PhD you are being around 28-30 but these are in regular type you are possible to be 35-40 years old when you hold your PhD. then you continue studying.

    I mean that it is too long way, but anyone does not guarantee for anything.

    have you ever thought that it was not worth to do all that things?

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    Been there, done it (got my PhD at 25), it is not meant to be easy, if you don't think it is worth it do something else... Not everyone is cut out for academia, with your endless whining about having to learn things for your MSc you probably are not...

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    It's not a destination; it's a journey.
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