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    Hello! I am currently sixteen and a half, turning seventeen this year, and I am starting a course to obtain a diploma in Biomedical Science in a Polytechnic (Ngee Ann Polytechnic) in Singapore (my home country).

    I put this thread under this (Education) section as I'm unsure whether it belongs in Biology, Chemistry, or even Medicine. Since it's part of education, well, this seems suitable.

    Here's the background story.

    I took Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Combined Humanities (History & Social Studies), English and Mother Tongue (Chinese) for my O Levels, getting a distinction in all subjects except Chinese. Chemistry was a compulsory science in my school, and I opted to take Physics as I had more interest in Physics rather than Biology (and also I wasn't doing well enough to take all three sciences).

    Well, after my O Levels, I chose to go to a Polytechnic which allows me to study a specific course (Biomedical Science, in my case) rather than a Junior College where I would take 7 (or more) subjects and continuing to take A Levels. As mentioned above, I did not take Biology. Even from the name itself, Biomedical Science involves Biology. I am a strong believer in students studying that they are interested in, and I chose this purely out of interest in the subjects and not so much due to it allowing me to have a stable job. I would have chosen Accountancy if that was the case.

    Here comes the "problem", so to speak. Since I have no background in Biology, I took it upon myself to purchase a Biology guidebook to get myself familiar with the O Level syllabus. I have practically covered the whole book. I may not have it covered in as much depth as the other students, but at least I know more than I did, which was my plan and goal when I purchased that book.

    If you didn't know, here in Singapore, we're extremely competitive in terms of education. In addition, this course (Biomedical Science) isn't easy to get in. Anyone who can get in this course could have chosen to go to a Junior College and take A Levels. But nope, they chose this because they liked it (Well, I hope they like it. Would be sad if they were forced to choose this). With this thread, I'm hoping to gain more insight regarding Biomedical Science, so that I can further deepen my knowledge while studying my course modules, and perhaps even before my school starts. (It officially starts on the 21st April, I still have over a month.)

    Looking at the webpage of the school on this course (Diploma in Biomedical Science (N59) *), it seems that I'd have a number of modules to cover.

    For the first year:
    • Inorganic & Physical Chemistry
    • Microbiology
    • Mathematics
    • Cell Biology
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Physiology
    • Introduction to Medical Science
    • Biostatistics
    For the second year, there are different specialisations (well, three) to choose from. Judging from the descriptions, I'm thinking it's definitely either Biomedical Research or Medicinal Chemistry. I will have to do more research and perhaps ask around to get more details regarding which I would select, but here's the mutually common modules:
    • Bioinformatics
    • Applied Biostatistics
    • Molecular Biology
    • Medical Biochemistry
    For the third year, it's pretty much all different.

    What I'm hoping is that, with all these intelligent people on this forum (You're all so smart you're making me feel dumb, not even kidding), there'll be some people who will be able to link me to places where I can read more and learn more, perhaps even just the basics, regarding the above mentioned modules. Or even links to interesting articles regarding that.

    TL;DR: I basically want to study Biomedical Science before my school starts teaching it.

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    Welcome and don't be afraid to post lots of questions.
    If the people here are unable to directly answer your questions they are almost certainly going to be able to give you sources that can.

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