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Thread: Good resources for learning the scientific method?

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    Hey, I'm new to science in general (was raised religious). I was broken out of the spell, and am very interested in learning the core basics of science (the stuff I ignored in school)

    I was wondering how I would go about gaining a thorough understanding of the basics. I've tried science for dummies ( but it's not ordered. Even in basic concepts, more basic principles are referenced that go over my head. I could look up all of that as it comes along but i'd rather learn in a more coherent manner.

    I'm sure the contains what I should learn, I'm just not sure what I should learn about first.

    If anyone can either help with ideas of what to learn first or provide some free resources that teach science from the ground up please share

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    I would recommend you this link: Understanding Science: An overview
    It is an easy introduction to the world of science, e.g. its goals, its methods, etc.

    If you have specific questions, then do not hesitate to ask them.

    PS: Welcome to the Science Forum.

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    you might also try:
    The real process of science
    I'd further advise that you don't look for a cookie cutter approach to science, it's methods are generalized, but specific application cover a vast range of methods depending on the branch and phenomena being investigated.
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    For basic science these links may be useful:

    BBC - GCSE Bitesize - Science

    As an guide to how physical sciences "work" The Character of Physical Law by Richard Feynman is a good introductory read. This book was based on the lectures which can be found here:

    The Character of Physical Law
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