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Thread: How could I find a job with a low undergrad GPA?

  1. #1 How could I find a job with a low undergrad GPA? 
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    I am a 27 year old woman living in New York. I am currently a part-time student finishing my Bachelor's degree in Anthropology. I am graduating from college next semester. Unfortunately, my cumulative GPA is only a 2.5 because I screwed up my freshman and sophomore years of college. I have Asperger's syndrome, which made it difficult for me to take a full course load each semester. I am interested in pursuing a career in biological anthropology, population genetics, osteology, forensic anthropology, archaeology, environmental science, sustainability, public health, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, or animal behavior. I volunteered at a behavioral neuroscience lab for one year. I believe that my subpar GPA would prevent me from getting an entry-level job. Unfortunately, employers look at GPA and transcripts to determine whether or not a candidate is qualified for a position. No one will care about the fact that I struggled in college due to my disability. Do you think that graduating from college with a 2.5 is the end of the world? How could I convince employers that my GPA is not a true reflection of my abilities?

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    Most local employment centers have programs for people with disabilities.

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    brooklyngirl27, please stop opening copies of the same threads in multiple sections. Only one is allowed. I will delete the new ones and move this one to Education.
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    'How could I convince employers that my GPA is not a true reflection of my abilities?

    Doing research on own and having research paper to your credit can build strong caliber image to your resume .

    Research not one among with other , but the one way that really portrays your real ability and impress.

    Research paper got published ?
    not sure but may be recognized in an valid way that is supported and considered by seniors from your field.
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