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Thread: What courses should I take in college?

  1. #1 What courses should I take in college? 
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    I want to have a career in development and creation of new technologies and devices (preferably for medicinal purposes).Kind of like Bio-engineering and nanotechnology combined.I am about to complete high school with Non-medical.People have got me quite confused about what should I do now.I searched around and looked up courses like Biotechnology,bio-engineering,engineering physics,bio-medical engineering.I thought these courses might be related to what I want to do.But I asked a couple of people they suggested that I take come core subjects like physics and/or computer science.They will get me in a strong position for any graduate program.They said courses like bio-engineering and engineering physics expose the students to a lot of topics,but they don't specialize in any particular I am confused as to what should I do.Should I take courses like Biotechnology,engineering physics etc. or the common ones like computer science,physics.Given my interests and knowledge please advice me about the best UG programs for me.

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    I have no experience in this area, but I do have a suggestion.

    Identify companies, through an internet search, that appear to be involved in the type of work you are interested in. Then contact them and ask what kind of qualifications they are looking for in their hiring policy.

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    I haven't much to add to John's advice, but to say that given you are still undecided, what you really need is more information. One of the best ways to obtain this is first hand from the people who work in the industries that are most of interest. Find out about specific companies and people who work for them, then contact them and express your interest in their field and ask if they would be willing to discuss it with you in person. Plan ahead, work out everything you want to know prior to your meetings but also be prepared to explain why you feel you would be suited to this industry or for a specific company, so seeds for the future. The chances are that if there are help programs available or critical information you may need to know then these people will be able to help you get it, one of the best things to find out about is how they got to be in their position, i.e what did they study & previous work experience etc.., also find out about how they feel about their work, great for deciding if it will be right for you. You will be starting to network early on, making useful contacts which will stand you in great shape should you need or want a job in the future or even just a letter of introduction to a particular company.

    Most people will be willing to help you if you are genuinely interested and go about it in the right way, but remember the more people you speak with the better, more information will allow to make a more informed choice.
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