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Thread: Point me in the right direction

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    Hello, I'm interested in Neurology, genetics, and zoology. Might anybody be able to help me list off occupations utilizing all three of the bio related sciences, and possibly the courses required for each occupation?

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    You might try optogenetics. It is relatively new and it is:
    " the combination of genetics and optics to control well-defined events within specific cells of living tissue."

    Some of the discoveries are linked with neurology:
    • The introduction of channelrhodopsin-2 in mammalian neuron cells allowed researchers to control the action potentials via visible light.
    • Controlling biochemical pathways in the brains of rodents via different receptors and visible wavelengths.
    The field has many applications in the field of medicine, neuropathy and gene therapy (but these fall beyond the scope of your interests).
    Nevertheless, the method was chosen as the Method of the Year 2010 by Nature.

    What is it? - Optogenetics
    Optogenetics: Controlling the Brain with Light [Extended Version]: Scientific American
    Method of the Year 2010 : Nature Methods : Nature Publishing Group

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