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Thread: Abroad Education.

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    Many indian students spend their money and went abroad to study foreign education in countries like london, usa and canada. So the indian colleges are nowdays seen in dust with no liveliness. Most of the present day students are nerdy students in indian colleges. As the base education of indian schools is not at par with higher education system of foreign school education. Then tell me how could average brain students who went to study in foreign universities could accustom and cope with the high standards of foreign education?

    Suppose if a white guy doesn't knows about the mathematics, history, commerce of indian schooling and still takes admission in indian university then he/she may find very difficult to understand the core topics if they haven't learned the basics!!
    In the same way if indians didn't had any grasp of foreign education system then how they would be sure to score reasonable marks in their exams in stipulated time period?
    Or are the foreign governments lenient in giving indian students opportunities in writing the sentences without knowing the a,b,c, like mugging up in exams without proper learning reasoning. The indian students would certainly fail in more than one to two years as they are poor in learning and english, history studies!
    After some years they might be bringing in marksheets of cambridge colleges passed out in england's history, passed out in B.Sc science ...etc with astronomical percentage more than the natives could ever know!
    I wonder how their below average parents could make up with so much money to sent their children abroad for education in foreign universities!!?
    Or is one dollar is equivalent to one rupee?
    Or did the foreign governments even provided free aeroplane ferry for migrant students!

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    I had the pleasure, in the last seven years, to work with two different Indian assistants who both obtained their B.Sc.'s in India. As a consequence of the perception by some that Indian degrees are less rigorous than those of some foreign universities they both chose, on advice from their tutors, to take an M.Sc.

    Their work was exemplary and neither had any difficulty integrating directly into the work environment of a multi-mational company. I saw none of the difficulties of adjustment you refer to and in regard to language theirs was equivalent to and sometimes superior to many of their British and American colleagues.

    It seems that the India I know through them is different from the one you inhabit.

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