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Thread: aerospace engeneering and chemistry

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    Hello, I am hoping to study to get my masters in aerospace engineering and a PhD in chemistry, I realise both take a few years to complete, so I would probably want to study the aerospace engineering. I'm from south africa but would be willing to go abroad to study, is MIT in America the best place to get my masters in engineering?And about how long does it take to get a masters?Thanks

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    I'm not in engineering so I'm not sure which place is the best but MIT is certainly up there. Try to not apply to places simply because they have a great reputation. When I applied for my Masters, I sent applications to many universities, some with high reputations. The university I was most interested in attending didn't have the highest reputation, instead I was very interested and looked forward to working in the research labs based on what the supervisors were researching. Most Masters programs take 2-2.5 years to complete, although they can sometimes take upwards of 3 years. The time depends on your abilities, the research lab (i.e. if the supervisor is new and just got funding for the lab, it'll take longer to set up usually), how experienced you are with the lab equipment (i.e. the more experienced you are, the sooner you can get started), how many fellow graduate students and post-docs are in the lab that can help, whether you'll have to do a lot of TAing and so on.

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