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    I agree, education now in days is just a point in life and nothing more.

    With bravery and recognition that we are harbingers of our destiny and with a paragon of virtue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by misfit View Post
    That is a good point. Period.

    But it seems to have brought the discussion to a full stop.

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    Our prespective of education as a point is part of our problem. Education should be nearly continuous to remain flexible to change careers or stay current in the one we're in. Last night I attended a meeting with many secondary (high school aged) teachers in it. Two school districts turned down huge amounts of money from intel who offered to pay for hotel, food and all materials for a short course in using technology in the classroom. (I'm taking a longer credited version of that course...nice to have a free text book/CDs for a change). Almost all the resistance comes from tenured teachers who instead of looking up to as mentors, I looked upon in disqust for their sense of job entiltlement and unprofessionism as they refuse to "be bothered." I have the same disgust for a union worker who did the same job for a decade, never took a course to improve themselves, and now 'd rather sit at home drawing unemployment because his blue collar job was displaced by a machine or a foriegn worker--all the while trying to drum up sympathy for stuggling to pay for his large house (while ignoring the foriegn worker has 15 people living in the same sized house).
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    Is there a point to this question?
    “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.”

    Bertrand Russell
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    Quote Originally Posted by misfit View Post
    Sometimes saying nothing, say's more than words ever could.
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