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Thread: Help me create a self study syllabus for science & math basics

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    Hi, I'm interested in the sciences, but my background in math and science is a little weak. I need to self study, because in college you're expected to know some basics already. So I was wondering if I could get some help in creating a syllabus or a study plan to learn some of the basics. now i know that the fields of science are very broad and diverse, and that eventually I will need to pick one specific field and specialize. but isn't there a way I can be a "jack of all trades"? i would like to go to medical school, so a way for me to do well in the science courses in school and also to totally destroy the MCAT.

    im planning on switching majors (im currently bio major), but if i switch to something easier, i can devote more time to self studying even during the school year. then i'll take about a semester of a year of as much science and math courses as I can. or if i can work on my weak areas (basic math n science) for 1 semester, then i can stay a bio major or even switch to chemistry / physics then finish up.

    self study syllabus or plan for math and science:

    *semester one: math and bio (bio doesn't require much math)

    math: part I
    -times tables
    -adding, sub, div, mult long digits
    -finding percents, decimals
    math: part II

    not sure where to go

    semester two: chem and physics (these two are math intensive)
    not sure where to go

    not sure where to go


    foot note:
    *semester here is different from school semester. it could be like 5 weeks or something. just my own personal time frame.

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    Why do you want to switch from biology and still go to med school?

    Most of what you plan to study is high school? What grade are in?

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    i was informed that one can go to medical school regardless of major, so i'm considering switching to an "easier" major to get higher grades while i self study outside of school to improve my math and science skills
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