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Thread: need help > how to increase the market : demand & supply of college students? or how to market our educational institution?

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    as we all know the recent problems in our educational institutions are the problem of the educational management. the problem is management. how can our management system reach success? i wanna tell you my story. perhaps it can attract one of the education expert here to share with me his experiences that perhaps I can use it. now, here the story, we got a big problem to encompass as much as possible for students to enroll in our university. each year we have only less than 20% of the whole student population that exist. if the population is 3000 people then we only have 600 students of those. and this amount is all for about 5 faculties. too poor, right? can you imagine that? let's take an example : for one faculty we have only 100 students averagely. so for one department we only have 50 students for each department. so it so poor. very poor. actually our fasilities are not complete as well, we realize that. but our location is the calmest and the most peaceful place for a learning and teaching process. ofcourse we have a dream. but the problem is to embody it. we are weak or still weak mainly in our university accreditation. we also realize it. but in about all to our disadvantages we have the advantages as well. like I said our peaceful place to learn, our location where is far from noise. mm so what are you suggested for us? after and before I thank you.

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    Your OP is pretty much incomprehendable. Care to clean it up?

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    So your problem is under-enrollment? You're saying that, if your capacity is 3000, you're getting 600 students who actually enroll?

    I am having a hard time understanding what you're trying to discuss.
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    The best way to do marketing for your educational institution is through social networking sites. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are probably the best way to do marketing for your educational institutions. You can also take help from other learning institutions from where you can get idea as to how educational institutions functions.
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