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    What study are you planning to do or already doing, also add a discription of the study. Tell your point of view of any study, talk about it here. You may give advices for someone's study or future job e.g. your experience.

    I'm in the last year of highschool and I'm thinking of doing the study Rural Innovation, the major: Regional Development and Innovation, at bachelor degree.

    Here's the info about the study+major, copied from and the website of the school were I'll follow this study

    Bachelor of Rural Innovation

    Finding answers - and communicating them

    Are you the kind of person who speaks of challenges, not problems? Who is always on the lookout for creative solutions? Who enjoys helping people to get innovations off the ground? Then it is time you took a closer look at Rural Innovation.

    This intensive Bachelor's programme provides a practical introduction to the opportunities and threats affecting life in rural areas all over the world - a world that could soon become your own workspace! As a facilitator for rural innovation, you would pick up new ideas and impulses, and turn them into policies for concrete action. You would ensure that people in the field really make a difference. In the field of international development, you would build bridges, break logjams, and identify options that are likely to flourish. The greater your expertise, the more deployable you would be.

    Thanks to our synthesis of theory and practice, graduates work on projects all over the world, usually at the very heart of analysis, communication, extension and training. Their preparation lies in many placements, but also in subjects such as sociology, planning, nature management, statistics and research techniques. After graduation, you could find work in government or consultancy, at a service centre, with a development organisation such as CMC, VSO or PSO, or on public or private-sector projects anywhere in the world.

    An extremely challenging work field

    The whole world is changing rapidly and rural areas are no exception. Each rural landscape has its own dynamics, opportunities and problems. In some countries, people are moving to the cities, causing depopulation in the countryside. In others, the Netherlands for example, residential suburbs are putting parts of the countryside under pressure, and areas are deliberately being flooded.

    Due to globalisation, opportunities and problems from all over the world are coming into ever-closer contact. For example, the opportunity for an Eastern European family farm is to earn additional income from tourism. But on the other hand we face small dilemmas, for example: how can I enjoy nature more? Should I, as a global consumer, drink milk or mango juice?

    Some areas do face a totally different issue: can a Ugandan farming family for example survive when so many of its members are becoming a victim of HIV/AIDS? These are all questions that will concern you, as a specialist in rural development. Together with those who are directly involved you try to find the best answers, which is an extremely challenging process.

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