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    I was thinking about getting my pilots license soon, but I'm not sure if

    a) it's worth the money ($12,000 and I'm paying for it)
    b) if it is better for me to just join the military (I was planning on doing that anyway) and learn to be a fighter pilot there. Is the military pilot certification valid in the civilian world?

    I'm sorry to trouble you with my troubles, but I am having a hard time making the decision

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    Well, what do you want to get your pilots license for? If it is for personal enjoyment, you should probably just pay for it. Military certs are valid in the civilian world: out of pilot training (depending on what track you go through) you can take the FAA tests and get your commercial license, and a type rating for whatever you flew. After pilot training, you can get type ratings for what you fly. Say you fly a KC-10, then you can get a type rating for a DC-10 and go fly for Fed Ex no problem. If you want to be a fighter pilot, you better be sure it's what you want with your life. The sacrifice that goes along with being a military pilot is great, the work is hard, and a great many fail out.

    - sploit -
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