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    What if when i explore countries beyond india, i would come to know that many things taught in school books like biology, physics etc might be fake. And there exists unbelievable science still to know than limiting our minds to bookish knowlegde. Like for eg. the animal kingdom.

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    "What if"
    IF, then, you might want to go back to india and share this forbidden/lost knowledge with fellow countrymen. This might spread as rumors, since it sounds from the scenario you are putting forth that official channels (media, internet, education) are influenced one way or another by groups of people.

    In addition, if anything you learn allows it, you might want to create a children song that describes a simple experiment that anyone can do that shows a phenomenon the fake science doesnt explain. Also you could hide information in a fictional story, like (unless Im mistaking) Gallileo created a story where an idiot describes the world and a wise man shows him how foolish the idiots views are and the book concludes that the wise man is right and that the offical religious view of the world is correct, BUT most intelligent readers will have all the tools/ideas they need to see that the story's idiot's view is the one thats actually right and the official view is wrong.
    (as Voltaire said and Gallileo found out, its dangerous to be right when government/establishment is wrong)

    hope this helps, cheers

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