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Thread: Double bachelor degree, how hard?

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    I was gonna go for lector in English, but i want to also take japanese language and culture.

    Is double bachelor doable? Do you have to sacrifice all social life etc.?
    Also... is it really worth what you gain in comparison to the difficulty of pulling this through?

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    Trying to learn all things at once is a fun and it is an enjoyable task to manage and learn everything.
    But I can say from my experience you will be alone and away from society doing that.

    I have also tried doing official Computer Engineering and Physics course both at once.

    But at last I got tired and am learning Computer Engineering officially and learning Physics informally.

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    I really depends on your capabilities.

    It's not really how much time you spend in class, it's how much time you'll need to study outside of class that will take time any from other activities.

    If you're smart enough and well organized enough it's certainly possible.
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