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Thread: Torn between 2 majors...

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    Well... I am a sophomore in college and torn between choosing 1 of 2 majors.

    Computer Science or Information Technology.

    My financial situation isn't all that great, my parents are helping me out a lot, but they advise me on getting my degree and getting out into the 'real' work field as soon as possible.... which I completely understand.

    Sadly, I love learning about computers... every aspect of them. If I had the choice I'd probably stay and take every class this university has to offer hahah, but that's a debt I do not even want to bring into reality.

    Alas this is the year I must choose a major/minor and finish up my studies within the next 2-3 years.

    Right now my idea is... Major: IT Minor: MIS(management information systems) .... do you think it would be beneficial to add in a minor of Comp Sci?

    Just wondering what opinions/thoughts you all had on the degrees and if you had any advice to give through your various experiences.

    Sorry for the wall of text :P

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