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Thread: Perspectives On Education: From the Family

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    This prose-poem provides, for me anyway, an encouraging view of how far we have come--in some respects--in educating ourselves.-Ron Price
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    ...Before the late nineteenth century there was not much affection between couples within marriage.-Edward Shorter, The Making of the Modern Family, Collins, London, 1976.

    Bourgeois reserve, then, modesty, reticence, propriety, to say nothing of prudishness and hypocrisy, gave the middle classes time and space for organizing and reorganizing their reponses to a world in flux. -Peter Gay, The Bourgeois Experience: Victoria to Freud, Vol.1: Education of the Senses, Oxford UP, NY, 1984, p.458.

    I would like to believe that savagery
    is being tamed by civilizing Eros,
    that sensuous force is being controlled
    by spiritual passion,
    lust being mastered by love,
    after several millennia
    of not having rooms of our own.
    The age of privacy has begun.
    And I do believe, I do believe
    we are on our way to a civility
    we have never known before.

    Ron Price
    22 June 1995

    married for 37 years; teacher for 30; living in Australia for 33 years; Baha'i for 45 years. Writer of poetry for 25 years.
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