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    I am going for a 100% scolarship paid for by the government of Florida, USA. A requirement for that scolarship is 75 hours of community service. I have already aquired about 50 of those hours doing odd jobs for a local theatre and I was wondering if I could get some helping out in local laborotories and/or anything related to scientific research. I thought that it would probably be unusual for a scientist to hear that a teen wants to help out there of all places, but it is also unusual for a teen to love science as much as me. I know you can't give me a straight up answer because not every science workplace is the same but, would there be any odd jobs like carrying heavy objects, cleaning lab equipment, etc., that I would be able to do? I thought this would be a good way to network with people in the scientific community, and perhaps even be a part of the scientific community.

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