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Thread: This will make CO2 sequestration easier.

  1. #1 This will make CO2 sequestration easier. 
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    ExxonMobil will build a plant in Wyoming to demonstrate new technology to separate carbon dioxide from natural gas and make reinjection of the CO2 more economically feasible.

    Gas sweetening plants remove hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from natural gas to upgrade it to pipeline quality. The H2S is turned into solid sulfur, but the CO2 has traditionally been vented to the atmosphere or sold as a gas or dense phase fluid for secondary oil production. This required building pipelines from the gas source to the oilfield, and the markets for CO2 were limited by geography. The new process will freeze the CO2 to separate it from the methane, and then liquefy it. This will make it possible to pump it into deep saline aquifers for permanent sequestration, and will provide an alternative to atmospheric venting when there is no other market for the CO2.

    One small step toward reducing our CO2 emissions. The immediate incentive to ExxonMobil is made clear in this excerpt:

    State regulators in April asked Exxon Mobil to provide evidence that it is currently marketing all the CO2 it can from its existing facilities at Shute Creek. Exxon Mobil sold an average 207 million cubic feet of CO2 per day in 2007 for enhanced oil recovery, but it vented another 181 million cubic feet of CO2 per day into the atmosphere.

    Exxon Mobil representatives have indicated that plans call for upgrading the current facility to make 97 million cubic feet of the vented volume available for commercial use in the near future. But members of the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission said they needed more information from Exxon Mobil regarding its efforts to market CO2. The board delayed renewing the company's annual permit to vent CO2 until another hearing later this month.

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