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    Hi. I have a theory. My theory is that the earth might have flare activity? I believe what gives its existence away is that it produces visible plasmas.
    Sun flares produce coronal mass ejections and I believe earth flares might produce electrical flashes (discharges) in its atmosphere from plasmas commonly interoperated as ball lightning.
    Solar flares also produce sun quakes. I believe an earth flare might produce electrical discharges in the ground and prior to these forms of earthquake some of it’s energy can be seen as plasmas that are commonly known as “earth lights”.
    But perhaps this energy can also discharge at or near the surface and produce both. This maybe one such example.
    I believe these plasmas are probably cold like what is described here:
    Lastly. There are claims that beams of light have been seen prior to some earthquakes.
    I think this might be jets like described here:
    I’m not an expert and I would like views on this please.


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