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    I am a student at College of DuPage in the process of completing an introductory earth science course. One of my course requirements is to interview a research scientist in the earth sciences and to produce a biography of that scientist as well as a synopsis of his or her research. I would greatly appreciate your responses to the following questions at your earliest convenience.
    1. What was your initial motivation to enter your field of expertise?
    2. What academic and/or professional preparation was required to lead to your present position?
    3. What do you enjoy the most about your work?
    4. What do you enjoy the least about your work?
    5. What would be the most important attribute needed to excel in this profession?
    6. Please briefly describe the nature of your scientific research.
    7. What impact do you perceive your research has on society?
    I am grateful for your willingness to complete this questionnaire. If possible, please e-mail this back to Thank you for your time.

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