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Thread: Hi, need some help with bizarre dissolved oxygen levels

  1. #1 Hi, need some help with bizarre dissolved oxygen levels 
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    My class is building ecocolumns and our Dissolved oxygen tests are coming back at 10+ppm (today most were 20+). Many had low DO levels in the beginning but it seems that everyone has a high DO level. Current factors are
    A. Its been raining
    B. They are somewhat close together (There is about 15-20)
    C. Its been cold

    I think it could be a problem with the DO tests we are doing (Its a standard take sample of water, add Chem A, shake, Chem B, shake and wait, Chem C, shake, Chem D and add one drop and shake (each drop is 1 ppm).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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