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    I have 3 questions I need help with. Yes, this is homework, however, I always answer all the review questions myself unless I simply can't find the answers. Thanks for your help.

    1. What are the main three marine provinces?

    2. How did each province form?

    3. How do ocean basins form? What is an example of one that is currently being formed?

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    I'm not entirely sure about the province question - I suspect abyssal, hyperabyssal and continental, but you might wish to check that. The problem is that there are ceratinly more than three possible subsdivisions and how you then group these into three is subjective not objective. I would personally go for four:
    Continental - continental shelf and continental slope
    Abyssal Plains
    Mid ocean ridge
    Hyperabyssal trench

    The continental shelf then orginates by flooding of the low lying continental margins. the continental slope is the transition from continental to oceanic crust.

    The mid ocean ridges originate by magma injection and eruption in a zone of tension where tectonic plates are moving apart.

    As this material cools and moves away from the mid ocean ridge it forms the abyssal plains.

    As the tectonic plate subducts beneath another plate a hyperabyssal trench is formed.

    Currently the Red Sea is opening up to produce a new ocean.

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