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    if there's any truth in the following article we're in deep shit - don't buy a house in miami (or the netherlands, or norfolk etc.)

    also the following quote runs contrary to claims from people who say that environmentalists are only being alarmist because that brings in the funds :

    Quote Originally Posted by James Hansen in New Scientist
    I suspect it is because of what I call the "John Mercer effect". In 1978, when global warming was beginning to get attention from government agencies, Mercer suggested that global warming could lead to disastrous disintegration of the West Antarctic ice sheet. Although it was not obvious who was right on the science, I noticed that researchers who suggested that his paper was alarmist were regarded as more authoritative.

    It seems to me that scientists downplaying the dangers of climate change fare better when it comes to getting funding. Drawing attention to the dangers of global warming may or may not have helped increase funding for the relevant scientific areas, but it surely did not help individuals like Mercer who stuck their heads out.

    I can vouch for that from my own experience. After I published a paper in 1981 that described the likely effects of fossil fuel use, the US Department of Energy reversed a decision to fund my group's research, specifically criticising aspects of that paper.

    "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." (Philip K. Dick)
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    Wooo! Holy crap...Sea levels rising by 2095... I hope my social security holds out for me when I'm 115+ hobbling away from the waves...

    Seriously, though, there's a lot of problems with the global-warming issues brought up by various groups. The one thing I often see people overlooking is the fact that the Earth doesn't stay at a constant condition forever. Over time there are periods of highs and lows, leading to some years being warmer than others, and others colder.

    I'm not saying the human race hasn't done its part, but global warming seems to me to be just natural...of course humanity isn't making things any better, either.

    I believe the bigger issue is that by our devastation of the biosphere, we've actually hampered the Earth's ability to gracefully enter, and recover, from these global climate changes. In short, the Earth is naturally getting warmer, but our impacts have probably made it slightly worse, not to mention that it will likely take far longer to change directions years ahead.

    So yeah, the water level's gonna rise. Good luck with the flood plains people decided to build in. :? And when, in a 100+ years when things begin to reverse, there'll be a whole bunch of people who'll build houses on the "new" beaches 5 meters below current sea-level, who'll throw a fit when things start to switch once again.

    At the end of the yer house on a mountain, and get a fishing pole.

    "Be fair with others, but then keep after them until they're fair with you." Alan Alda
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