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Thread: Problem with Earth core Pb210 dating

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    As you know, Certain elements work best in certain timeframes. Pb210 would work great as a tool measuring dates up to 180 years. For sedimentation and aggregates on river banks, and sediment active lakes.

    As a side "hobby" at work (faculty geosciences at university), i have taken it on myself to improve on the calculation method, and see if i can make a more clear profile of depth and age.

    I wonder who has experience beyond a beginners experience. Or a way to use statistics on a way to determine real accumulation points on a line, and a line plot. Also, how does a nonlinear sedimentation rate affect this, and how can you detect it, when there are no other markers, like a salt/fresh barrier, a Cesium 137 peak for nuclear testing sites or Chernobyl.

    I also wonder how you change the model when the background U238 to Pb214 and Pb210, and Thorium to Pb212, is increased (10x higher than expected)

    Right now, i work with only two models, one with a plot of a set sedimentation speed, and one where it is not set, but dependent on the slope between two points.

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