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Thread: questrins about the focal deapth?

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    I has three questrins about the focal deapth! the picture are in side the site i has post belove!!!

    1.Why are the mid-ocean ridge shallow(low water) in the middle in the A map????
    2. in the picture 2 , you can see we are in the last part of the mid-ocean ridge, and now almost water is deep, but in the end it suddenly become low water (around 0-1 meter deaph) WHYYYYYYYYYY??
    3. in picture 3, we can see at the water down Ho CHi MIN city (vietnam) are shallow and east of malaysia, why it is so?
    then south of Java island is the water deaph? why????

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    We don't answer homework around here.

    But if you put in a sincere effort and tell us your geology-based ideas about what you think they might be...well then you might get some tips and leads in the right direction.

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    hint : look up the wikipedia articles on Seafloor spreading and Subduction
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