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Thread: Is there any term for this?

  1. #1 Is there any term for this? 
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    I learned that transform fault is the part where two adjacent plates are moving with opposite direction.

    There are some pictures explaning plate tectonics.(ex) thegeosphere / Plate Tectonics Final Map Project)

    As you can see, there are lines not only between two ocean ridge(which is called transform fault), but outside of the two plates.

    When two plates are moving in different speed (though with same direction) I think there could be a fault and I think the lines outside of the two plates indicates the fault.

    What do we call the part?

    Is there any term for it?

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    Are you possibly thinking of a strike-slip fault?

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    I think you are describing the actual transform faults.

    Transform fault - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Transform Faults & Fracture Zones
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